Neuromuscular Pain & Massage Specialist



At Lucyanna Moore Therapies I serve to provide therapeutic massage and bodywork, tailored to your specific needs, be it chronic pain or work-related stresses and tensions.

Easing your nervous system to bring relief and relaxation to your muscles, to promote your personal self-healing process.

Working from my established therapy room in Haggerston E8.

Please do text 07919 445 401 your interest and I will be in touch ASAP.

I hope to see you soon, Keep well, Best wishes, Lucyanna x


About Me

I am an experienced and highly qualified practitioner with over 15 years experience in my field.
I trained at Westminster University, gaining a Science Degree (BSc Hons) in Therapeutic Bodywork.

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Conditions Treated

I believe in treating each of my clients as individuals, not as a ‘condition’ but as a fully rounded person. Tailoring your treatment, according to a combination of your symptoms and my clinical reasoning, to create a specialized treatment plan to assist you in achieving your personalized health goals.

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Locations & Pricing



30 min - £45

60 min - £80

90 min - £120

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Mission Statement

At Lucyanna Moore Therapies I serve to provide therapeutic massage and bodywork, tailored to your specific needs, be it chronic pain or work-related stresses and tensions.

Easing your nervous system to bring relief and relaxation to your muscles, to promote your personal self-healing process.

Striving to work with you, in your pathway to wellness and well-being: through touch, awareness and education.


I focus on helping:

Office workers, desk sitters, backpack carriers, artists, dentists, photographers and others suffering from everyday Repetitive Stress Injuries.

Marathon runners, cyclists, yogi’s, cross-fitter’s, skier’s, dancers and others injured while doing Sports & Fitness.

Car accidents, recent surgery patients, patients trying to avoid surgery, chronic illness sufferers, and others who are Recovering.

Book a Treatment

You can book a treatment by texting:

Work mobile: 07919 445 401




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Lucyanna is a gifted therapist. I have a few injuries/disabilities, work very long and intense hours at my job (keeping all the tension in my neck and shoulders), and have pretty poor circulation. Lucyanna is the most qualified  and beneficial massage therapist I have been to in the 10 years I have been getting treatment. She’s calm and thoughtful and every time I leave with more energy, a restored sense of focus and a body  that works.


My kind of therapist. Knowledgable, intuitive, effective and a natural. She is so good I happily refer my own patients on to her. The best!


Lucyanna has a wonderful professional manner. She’s also warm, intuitive, gentle and quickly gets down to treating the nub of the issue, quietly and firmly in no time at all. Hands down the best I’ve  come across in treating aches and pains all over.


Ready to find out more?

For Home VisitsEvents and in Office Treatments. Please contact me for further Times, Information and Quotes.

Merry Christmas all!!! 🎄 x ...

Give the gift of Well-Being this Season!
Vouchers available online and in-person.

Visit my website or GiftUp!

Hope to see you soon x


❤️ GIFT the present of Touch!
Vouchers available from my Haggerston studio!
For well-being, relaxation, easing tension, wfh aches and pains and much more!

Seasons Greetings to All!
I’m off on retreat to nurture myself for the incoming year and recharge to give back to my client in 2022!
Taking bookings from 4th January 2022, through my website or Facebook or google! See you soon! Best, Lucyanna

New team members for my new massage studio at lucyanna moore therapies! #plantsmakepeoplehappy #hackneymassage #haggerstonmassage #debeauvoirmassage ...

🙌COVID-19 SAFETY TIME! I have received my Self-testing kits to be done twice a week to ensue my clients and mine safety!
Order yours too from the gov.uk website, see you soon!
#haggerstonmassage #debeauvoirmassage #covidmassagesafety

E8 Studio Making! ❤️
So excited to make my studio into a beautiful, calm and modern space to give my clients the best experience that they deserve! www.lucyannamooretherapies.com #massagehaggerston #haggerstonmassage #hackneymassage #debeauvoirmassage

I’m back with Good News! ...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Everyone!
This year has been particularly trying, with much grief and loss but I am thankful for people reaching out to each other especially my clients too when I have been prohibited from working. In 2021, as an advanced sports therapist providing medical services I will resume work in tier four. Please watch this space for more information! Best wishes for you all!

🌹🌿Aromatherapy delights today! Been enjoying a special blend for my clients. This blend is to anchor & ground, relax muscles & mind, nurture your heart, and finally uplift and assist immunity! If you feel you can do with some nurturing or easing of muscles # lucyannatherapies is here in shoreditch and debeauvoir!
Have a lovely weekend! #selfcare #shoreditchmassage #debeauvoirmassage #triyogalondon #triyogashoreditch #londonaromatherapy

💫It’s here!!! Treatments week @triyogauk a chance to have a 30minute £25 taster treatment with me at Shoreditch and Ealing triyoga!!! Look on the website to find me and book! I hope to see you soon! #triyogashoreditch #triyogauk #triyogalove #shoreditchmassage #hackneymassage #shoreditchwellness #debeauvoir #londonmassage #triyogaealing ...

#joyoflife enjoying these last days of summer! ...

🌞Feeling hot! Love the Indian Summer we are having! ...

🌳Last days of Summer! It’s becoming time to Harvest and I have been busy picking ripe blackberries!
Taking my time, one by one, feeling each berries texture, I had my meditation for the day! #wellness #londonwellness #londonmassage #hackneywellness #shoreditchmassage #debeauvoirmassage #hackneywellness #hackneywellness #hackneywellbeing

🤗Hello! Happy Sunday! Just letting you know where I am at triyoga this week, book online through the triyoga site or ring the triyoga Center to book . Will let you know where I am at each week! Appointments are available at my home clinic in debeauvoir too. Best of days to you all! #triyoga #triyogashoreditch #debeauvoirtown #debeauvoirmassage #shoreditchmassage #triyogacamden #londonwellnessmassage #wellnessmassage #massagerelieflondon ...

🌿☀️Snowdon! We saw and conquered or rather got to the top! So happy my summer break was an hiking nature journey around wales, not that tricky to get to from London and managed buses around. Felt good to push my body and hit the lower lake for a quick wild swim! Though I could never have done this trip without being on my autoimmune diet to manage my spine inflammation! Feeling such gratitude amidst the quietness of the green hills, blue waters and skies! #droppingintogratitude #autoimmuneprotocol #autoimmunediet #londonwellbeing #triyoga #shoreditchmassage #debeauvoirmassage #hackneymassage #londonmassage #bestmassagelondon #wellnesslondon ...

🌿Feeling serenity in my garden, trying to make as much use of this pocket of sunshine today! 🤗 ...

🌿Aromatherapy Blend of the Week!
Neroli, Palmarosa, Sweet Marjoram & Cedarwood! Cleansing fresh, slightly sweet/citrus nurturing, herby heading, balancing wood MIX! Perfect for relaxing and uplifting your mind and muscles! Try: Neroli: 2 drops : Decreases blood pressure & cortisol (stress hormone), eases anxiety & depression, nurturing oil.
Palmarosa: 3 drops : Relax muscles and nerves, overcomes fatigue, eliminates anxiety & cleansing.
Sweet Marjoram: 3 drops : muscle relaxant, analgesic (pain relieving), decreases blood pressure and is grounding and calming,
Cedarwood: 4 drops : Decreases cortisol and eases anxiety, tones muscles and relaxes muscle spasms, it is calming, grounding and brings balance. So there it is, please play as you feel fit, letting your nose, thus senses guide you! Add this mix to a few tablespoons of olive oil for a massage oil or to full fat milk or coconut cream to create a super bath of wellbeing!
See me on Fridays @triyoga or at my Hackney practice! 🙌 #triyoga #triyogashoreditch #aromatherapylondon #wellbeinglondon #droppingintogratitude ##aromatherapy #aromatherapymassage #selfcare #londonmassage #massagehackney #wellnesslondon #debeauvoir #debeauvoirmassage #haggerstonmassage #shoreditchmassage #triyogalondon

🌹 Breathe Deep and ‘Take in life’s Aroma’s!’ Whether it’s on the street in the form of a Rose (I always love to smell the yellow ones!), freshly cut grass (as you walk in the park) or coming for an unique tailored Aromatherapy session with me. Aroma’s have the ability to aid our wellbeing by Utilising their power to help relax and ease mind and body, give aromatherapy a try this Friday at #triyogashoreditch #triyogalondon #shoreditchmassage #hackneymassage #debeauvoirmassage #londonwellbeing #selfcare #selfcarelove ...

👀Sneak Preview! I have been a little quiet, as I’m working hard on finishing off my new website and re-branding myself! Eek! Off with the old and embracing the new vibe I am feeling... change can be hard but so absolutely necessary! This is so overdue, what changes are overdue to you? How are you presenting yourself and world? Feeling much gratitude to almost crossing the finishing line! #londonwellness #selfcarelondon #wellnesslondon #droppingintogratitude #londonmassage #hackneywellbeing #hackneywellness #massagehackney #massagedebeauvoir #massagedalston #triyogashoreditch #triyoga ...

🙌I Massage ‘every’-body! Never judging what your body looks like, there should be no barriers to being able to receive to receive touch through a massage. Negative body image can be supported through massage, connecting you to your body and allowing space for self acceptance to grow. I hope anxiety or mental health issues, don’t prevent you from reaching out to touch and support, we as therapists are not here to JUDGE! Everybody is unique & different, I have massaged thousands of people over 15 years and I have never been freaked out by anyone! It’s impossible as we are all imperfectly perfect human beings! (Disclaimer: My video is a first take but it has passion! ) #bebodykind #mentalhealthawareness #wellnesslondon #selfcare #londonwellness #massageforpain #triyogashoreditch #triyoga #debeauvoirmassage #hackneymassage #massagehackney #massagelondon ...

🙌Self esteem is such an major composite of my mental health. These helpful diagrams show how easy negative thoughts on self esteem affects mental health and body image, entering a vicious circle. On the positive side though, adding self-care can promote the positive cycle and change how we perceive ourselves and our 🌍!
Any thoughts on what works for you? Click on BioLinks for link to diagrams and body image info! Or www.heretohelp.bc.ca #mentalhealthawareness #bebodykind #massageforpain #triyoga #selfcare #droppingintogratitude #londonwellness #wellnesslondon

🙌We have come so far! Mental health is being increasingly open and understood in our culture, although we have far to go in some ways being able to discuss mental wellbeing between friends and family is becoming easier. I feel more able to be honest about my mental health and it’s natural its natural ups and downs! This years topic of body image is so important as how we think & feel about our bodies affects our every day lives. Taking care of our bodies, maintaining, moving, stretching and nurturing them can allow a space of self-love and gratitude to develop from mine experience! So extra sessions of yoga, skin brushing and breath work is needed this week! 💆‍♀️#mentalhealthawareness #mentalwellbeing #bebodykind #droppingintogratitude #selfcare #hackneywellbeing #triyogashoreditch #shoreditchmassage #debeauvoirmassage #massagehackney #hackneymassage #massageforpain ...

🌿Morning! So easy to forget how easy and good it feels to get to the earth in your own back yard ( if you have one) Taken a while to de-weed, turn the earth, de-weed and earth again but it’s done (3 boxes of seed) and raked and now need to wait 10 days for the grass to start to come through... Getting my hands dirty feels so good and simple, it really needs to go on my instant ‘go to self care list!’ Which I shall be sharing soon! Happy Sunday! ☀️🙌🌿 #selfcare #londonwellbeing #hackneywellbeing #shoreditchmassage #droppingintogratitude #debeauvoir #debeauvoirmassage #triyogalondon #triyogashoreditch #painrelief #londonmassage ...

💐Morning! Happy Brunch to you all! I crazy love to cook and brunch allows the perfect time to mix and match tasty elements. Today Herby Egg Cauliflower Hash with tomato,spring onion & mushroom rocket salad. On the side is Raw Fermented Sauerkraut, I love it as a natural supplement to aid my autoimmune condition and support good digestive health. I added the jar, as it my favourite brand right now, though there are many blogs to make your own! I hope you had something tasty too, to set you up for a wonderful weekend! 🤗💕 #droppingintogratitude #autoimmunefoodie #selfcare #triyoga #triyogashoreditch #shoreditchmassage #debeauvoirmassage #hackneywellbeing #londonwellbeing #autoimmunewellness ...

🎼Music is the sound of wellness!!! 🙌So privileged to be stimulated by music, especially Philip Glass interpretation of David Bowie at the Royal Festival Hall. Soul food for sure! What live music will you be hearing or creating for your Soul? 💕🎼🤗 #selfcare #musicforthesoul #triyoga #triyogashoreditch #shoreditchmassage #hackneywellness #debeauvoirmassage #selfcaremusic #droppingintogratitude #wellfullness ...

Welcome to my wellness feed!🌿💕
Stay tuned for more ...
Coming soon! 🤗
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Hello, whoop here I am! #hackneymassage #aromatherapylondon #bestlondonmassage #treatyourself ...